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October 25, 2010

Stella Artois 2010 World Draught Masters – USA WINS!!!!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Is it hard to pour a beer? No. Is it hard to pour a beer with style and perfection? Yes. Stella Artois has a competition that challenges bartenders to pour a perfect glass of Stella. Competitions around the world made it a local event, but now that every country involved has a Champ crowned the winners are all headed to London England to have a pour off.

Turns out the United States of America kicks ass! That’s right Chris Meyers of Madison, Wisconsin beat out all the competitors in the states and then flew to London to practice some good old fashioned USA ass kicking. In a dramatic contest/party 32 contestants poured in brackets to slowly eliminate each other and it came down to an Aussie/USA finals with Chris Meyers just beating out the world and was crowned the 2010 Stella Artois Draught Master. What does that mean really? Well it means he can pour better pints of Stella in the 9 step pouring process better than you. We’ll have a video up shortly of one of the elimination rounds showing just what the entailed. We’ll also have a photo gallery posted here, but until then if you visit our you can check out the full trip photos.

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