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February 13, 2012

Beer Magazine #24 March/April 2012

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Cover_24.indd Those who love burgers, beer and paper will flip over backwards! If you haven’t found out that Beer Magazine makes your bones stronger yet..what are you waiting for? Subscribe today, buy a copy at your local newsstand (if they don’t carry it ask for it. Demand it.)

Beer Magazine Issue 24 – March/April 2012 – Contents
There’s nothing better than a good beer! Well maybe a burger and beer right? This issue is packed with food, packed with beer and packed with humor. Nothing else delivers like Beer Magazine Here’s what’s inside this issue.

• Burger Lust – We pair burgers and beer
• Master Beer Chef Winners – They cooked they won!
• Keg Master – learn how to be the commander of the tap handle
• Build Your Own Tap Handles – Tips and ideas
•Traveler – Beer in Romania
• Cooking Corned Beef In Killian’s Irish Red
• Porter Braised Short Ribs – Yes they are that good
• Blairin’ Music – Scot Blair talks music and beer
• Home Brew – Fermentation Vessels
• Beer Anatomy – Old Ales
• Beer Game – Ace Race

News, Rants, Mail, Calendars, Men, Women, Sea Monkeys and probably a few beers. Everything you need in a magazine.

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