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June 2, 2012

Beer Magazine Issue 26 – Gene Simmons?

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Written by: BeerMagDerek


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What is Gene Simmons doing on Beer Magazine? Yes, smart ass of the internet, we also listen to Howard Stern, watched his TV show and know that Gene hasn’t touched a bit of alcohol in career so you can save the comments. We too were interested in why Gene would take an interest in craft beer, and we think that might be why we contacted him.

It didn’t hurt that Shannon Tweed just happened to be home and ready for a cover shoot either! Will this King of Marketing help or hurt the image of craft beer (spoiler we think it helps)?

But the next issue of Beer Magazine is the best of the year (we say that each issue but hey we can). There’s something for everybody inside and the return of Beer Games (we know everybody missed it and it was never going away). So check your mailbox every day, go to the store and ask them when the new one is hitting the shelves, or just wait an grab a beer. This next issue is hitting the printer and then taking a ride on that good old fashioned pony express to a store, or mailbox near you.

Beer Magazine Issue 26 – July/August 2012

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Tons of pictures, words, humor and everything that is Beer Magazine.

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