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November 20, 2017

Beer Magazine #22 – Digital Download!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

There’s something about Vegas we hate, and we love. Lights, gambling, crime, food, free alcohol, long nights (or mornings) and more. You go loving, you leaving hating. At least for us. Until recently craft beer was shunned from the lights. The big brands would push them out of the casinos, but times have changed and the demand for craft beer changed the face of the strip. We got invited to sample this new found “gold mine” and see what a few of the big name casinos had to offer. But that’s not all this issue has to offer. We packed it full of “stuff.” Just like Vegas you might start reading loving us, and then stop hating us. Maybe.

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Beer Magazine #22 Contents

• Beer Kitchen – 10 Spice BBQ ribs
• Anatomy – Dubbel
• Beer Reviews
• Homebrew – Autumnal Beers
• Beer of the Monnth

• Brilliant Bottle Openers
• Hop Glossary
• Beer Can Chicken
• Beer Games
• Beer Travler – San Juan Islands

Download Now for just $3.99

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