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November 16, 2017

Beer Magazine #21 – Download This Issue!

Remember turning 21? What a great time of your life right? Not many of us at 21 were knee deep in craft beer, but if you are/where then you’re way ahead of the curve. Now you don’t have to wait to have any issue of Beer Magazine because they are all digital. Download your favorite, or least favorite instantly to any device.  This issue is packed with fun, beer, people, a dog and maybe even a blueberry muffin. Here’s what you have to look forward to.

Beer Magazine #21 Contents


• St Pauli Girl – 34 years and we get Jennifer England. We’ll drink to that!
• Our top 51 reviewed beers – We drank lots of beer and these are the ones that stood out.
• Tom Leykis Cooks with beer (and sake)!
• Become a gardener – grow stuff to make beer with
• Learn to clean your tap lines – it’s important
• Blue Palms Brewhouse – Hollywood gets good beer
• Strange/funny beer names? Name a beer after sperm? Really?
• Deschutes Brewery Tour – Why Bend rocks.

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