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July 28, 2009

Obama Beer Talk – Chosing the Brew To Solve All Problems

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Unless you never updated your antenna on your RV to get digital broadcast you’ve probably heard of the Boston arrest of a home owner and the mayhem that insued after. It went so far as Obama calling a police offer “stupid” during a national speech. Who is wrong? Who is right? Who gives a shit really, but Obama is making up with the officer “man style” by having him over for a beer and talking about the thing. While we won’t go on about how we think it might be a wee bit of a waste of time and money to do all this, we will discuss that fact that Obama is clearly a beer guy. Judging from the pictures we found online of him drinking beer it’s going to be hard to say what style he likes. He’s been spotted drinking lots of beer and a range of color.

Now the question–What beer will they share? I’m hoping they go for somethign American owned and made, but something tells me it might be something foreign, or we might just have to guess what beer it is and create some urban legend.

What do you think should be the beer they drink? Symbolic?

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  1. bob_ohm

    Sam Adams Boston Laqer would be a good choice for such an event.

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