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September 3, 2008

Magic Hat Takes Democracy Back To Its Roots!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Magic Hat Takes Democracy Back To Its Roots!

South Burlington, VT — The Magic Hat Brewing Company has announced a unique effort to bring We the People back to democracy and democracy back to its roots. This brewer’s unusual Participation program will accomplish that and more by taking an unconventional approach to voter registration in a most unlikely place: the neighborhood taverns where America was born.

Historic Tradition Revived In a Revolutionary Return to Participation

“People forget that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were conceived in local taverns,” said Magic Hat Conductor of Cosmic Symphonies Alan Newman. “Local taverns were the original hotbeds of political action. That’s where our country was created and its ideals have always been debated. Somehow we’ve come to believe that bars today are only for getting drunk and meeting members of the opposite sex, but that’s wrong. They are, as they’ve always been, the ultimate community gathering place where friends and neighbors come together and talk about what’s going on.”

It’s Only a Winning Ticket When Everyone Helps Pick It

Magic Hat’s Participation program will reconnect people to the electoral process in several ways. Discussion of the political issues of the day will be encouraged via a fun and easy-to-reference quiz book that’s been designed to spur public debate and get bar patrons talking to each other. While these conversations unfold, where possible, the brewer staff, in partnership with the voter registration organization HeadCount, will register new voters on the spot and encourage one and all to drink deeply of democracy’s sweet tonic and let their voices be heard on November 4th .

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit Of Hoppiness

To launch the new program, Magic Hat will offer up a slate of electoral choices in the form of the new Participation Variety 12-Pak. This toast to political discourse features the limited edition Participation Ale, a new Magic Hat Odd Notion intended to lubricate electoral discussion. It’s a deliciously red, white, and brewed Pre-Prohibition Lager made with corn to create an eminently drinkable All-American-style lager with a light and distinctively populist flavor.

Who is it That Approves This Message?

Conductor of Cosmic Symphonies, Alan Newman, has made a career out of lucky guesses. Over the past 21 years, the 62-year-old entrepreneur has formed three wildly successful companies, each in a market about to explode with mainstream interest. The first caught a boom in mail order services, the second surfed the wave of interest in environmentally friendly products, and the third tapped into the soaring demand for fine, regionally brewed beer. Newman is a serial entrepreneur; one of a rare breed of repeat risk-takers who start new companies as often as some people change jobs.

As Magic Hat begins its fourteenth year of brewing the best tasting beers on the planet, the company continues to experience a 30% annual growth rate. In the summer of 2008, the intrepid business traveler, Newman, was one of the architects of Magic Hat’s acquisition of Seattle-based brewery, Pyramid, a company twice its size. With the purchase of Pyramid completed, Independent Brewers United (IBU) was immaculately conceived; bringing together two distinct breweries bonded by authenticity, passion, and a commitment to crafting world-class.

Find out more information about how to get involved and make your voice heard at

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