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December 5, 2008

How to get more people to shop at your store!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

My wife loves shops that include little Christmas decorations, furniture, old stuff, art and other things that girls should like. You know how it is if you’re a man, you look at three things then pace around the store after her staring with eyes of fire, basically trying to will her to not want to be there anymore.

The cure for that has come in many forms. Some of us drop them off and go look at TVs for hours (girls get that same look). Some stores install a “man area” where there is a couch and a TV to sit and watch while they compare “cute cards”. But I think I found the way to have every man want to go to the “cute little store” while I was on my way to Visit Spoetzl Brewery (they make the delicious Shiner Bock we love) in Shiner, Texas.

As I approached the town of 2070 I looked at the little main street and saw this sign. I think if more stores did this we’d save the US economy and we’d all have a house full of old used furniture and christmas candles. I also love the fact that they list drink before shopping….money flows out of the wallet faster when you’ve had a few Shiner Bocks!

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  1. Herb

    This place beats the old “Duds and Suds” where you do laundry and a have a cold one. At this store you have to do is have a refreshment (or two) and maybe enjoy some antiques.

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