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December 11, 2012

Here’s To You – Be Famous!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

“Here’s to You” is a column in Beer Magazine written by you! Every issue we feature YOU in the magazine by printing a picture of YOU and the answers to the questions.

How to submit your pictures and text?

1. Copy and Paste the following questions into an email or Word document and then answer the questions (please try to write in full sentences and not in 1993 TXT message format).

Favorite Bar:
Favorite Beer:
Bottle, Can, or Tap:
Favorite Hang Over Food:
Most Memorable Beer:
Least Favorite Beer:

2. Take (or find) a high resolution picture of you drinking a beer. Please note that “high resolution” doesn’t mean off a website. It must be in the original format from a digital camera.

3. Send both the text and the photo to

4. Sit around and wait to see if you made it in.

It’s simple and its’ fun.

Here’s an example
Name: Mary Ezerskis
Occupation: Student/restaurant slave
Location: Lakewood, OH
Favorite Bar: Great Lakes Brewing Co. Tavern in Cleveland, OH
Favorite Beer: Leinenkugels to lunch with, Guinness to go to sleep with and Saranac before I go to work
Bottle, Tap or Can: Glass, please.
Favorite Hangover Food: dry toast and possibly more beer
Most Memorable Beer: Leinenkugels Berry Ale
Least Favorite Beer: Natural Light a.k.a swimming pool water left in the sun

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