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February 4, 2011

New Century Brewing Fights Ban On Caffeine and Beer…alone?

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

If you saw the movie Beer Wars you saw a little company founded by Rhonda Kallman (one of the original partners of Boston Beer) and their struggle with the upstart brewery New Century Brewing. Their marketing idea was to sell a Caffeine Beer (Hey Drew Carey) called Moonshot.

Thanks to morons drinking Four Loko the move toward banning or outlawing caffeine infused alcohol beverages (Despite being able to infuse yourself buy just opening 2 cans) has put the squeeze on this small company trying to make it. The craft beer industry is doing it’s work to try and separate themselves from this because we have coffee and chocolate added to beer, both which contain natural caffeine. New Century has been doing some legal battles because of this and we feel it’s important to support them…even if you don’t believe in the product. Stupid people hurt themselves with buckets, ice, water, candy and just about everything else and now because there is a can of Four Loko next to them the news is glorifying the cause. How about we glorify that there are some stupid people out there and stop trying to regulate lack of brain cells.

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  1. Beer Wars is a wonderful film and it shows how passionate Rhonda Kallman is about her new beer. Kudos to those who offer their support.
    Shipwater Brewing

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