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February 1, 2011

Beer Magazine Issue 18 March/April 2011

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Written by: BeerMagDerek
Beer Magazine Issue 18

Beer Magazine Issue 18

It’s a new year and it’s time for some good news right? The latest edition of the World’s Most exciting, bad ass, grammatically incorrect beer publication is out on the prowl like a cougar after her third divorce. You can tell by the cover we mean business. Want to play a game of just the tip? We’ll here’s just the tip of what’s inside the next issue of Beer Magazine.

• Anatomy of sour beers
• Drinking in Chicago
• More home brew tips from Rob Sterkel!
• Cool Places – Eureka Burger
• The most expensive beers in the world! Got $1,100?
• Appliances you need for brewing beer and the wife will want too.
• Beer Mobiles. Powered by beer…and your legs.
• 10 ways to tell you’re way to into beer…make that 11 you read this.
• Make beef jerky with beer
• Beer Kitchen- Mussels with beer broth!

And there is tons of more fun stuff, boring stuff, stuff stuff and a few pictures of some pretty good looking ladies. Don’t get upset girls…there are far more pictures of dudes. You just choose not to look at them. We can’t stop looking either.

There’s always time to subscribe so you never miss and issue, and you save cash, save the world by not driving to get it, and save us from asking you to subscribe on all our media formats. Do it.

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  1. Jim

    Lucky issue 18! Can’t wait!

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