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October 6, 2010

Beer Magazine Issue #16 -Sweet 16!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

It’s here, in stores and your mail carrier is busy reading your copy while he walks. The latest issue of the Worlds Best Beer Magazine, or magazine in general is out and walking the streets. It’s the 16th issue so it might even be driving around your streets!

What’s in this issue that will make you drive to the bookstore or Target to get it? Well there’s tons of fun…and beer!

Need more to make you go get it? Or maybe you should just subscribe since it’s easier and it gets delivered!

Here’s what’s inside.

• Color Photos
• Jacuzzi Tub
• Heart Shaped Bed
• Anatomy of Kolsch
• Other uses for cans and bottles
• Firestone Walker Brewery Tour
• How to Play Beer Frisbee
• Beer Kitchen – Pork belly? Beer? Both together?
• Tons of recipes with beer as an ingredient
• Strange Brews – They brew beer where?
• The ultimate ultimate Home brew system
• Home brewing with Sugar
• Beer Book Reviews – Your report is do. Did you read?
• CT beer run. The nutmeg state tries to be the beer state.
• Beer Can chicken
• 13 Reviews of beer

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