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December 2, 2013

Beer Magazine Value Pack – 9 Issues Just $9.99!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Digital is awesome. Remember analog phones? AM radio? Now we have HD TV, cell phones that allows us to not know a single friends phone numbers, and the best thing about digital. Beer Magazine. We’re cyber sale’ing you today with our best offer ever. Get 9 issues of Beer Magazine in our 2013 value pack, for just $9.99! That’s a $40 savings. Download them instantly and start enjoying over 900 pages of Beer Magazine instantly. Ipad/tablets, laptop, desktop, smart phone…no problem. We got it all covered.

Includes issues 23-31!

You can subscribe to Beer Magazine for just $9.99 year, or buy single copies for $2.99 each! Do it now, then order that pair of slipper socks off the internet. Make our medium.

> Just $9.99 for 9 Issues!

Beer Magazine
Beer Magazine