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November 29, 2011

Beer Magazine 23 Jan/Feb 2012 – The future is beautiful.

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

This issue is coming from the future. That’s right, New Year’s isn’t even here yet and we’ve got the next issue of Beer Magazine headed toward your mailbox and stores everywhere (onsale in stores is 12/20). This issue is action packed, beer packed, packed for the end of the world and just simply rocks your face off. There’s always time to subscribe and get Beer Magazine delivered to your door…so do it now. It’s the best gift you can give to yourself, or others. Just click the link and sign up now. We’ll wait……Okay good. Don’t forget you can add Digital access for just $5 more to a print subscription. That gives you access to back issues so you can always look up recipes, reviews, or just laugh.
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Look at that cover! Are you going to say no to a cover like that?

Beer Magazine Issue #23 – January/February 2012 – Contents
Few things are better than a massage. Beer is one of them, but what if you could drink beer and then get a massage with beer? The Ritz Carlton answered this age-old question in this issue! Here’s what else pack the pages of this issue of beer magazine!

• Happy Endings Beer Massage – With beer!

• Cook Banana Bread with Banana Bread Beer
• Beer Kitchen – Framboise Poached Pears

• Shipyard Emporium – Maine in Florida
• Oktoberfest ¬– The good, the bad and the ugly

• Make your own hop aftershave
• Traveler – Beer in Romania

• Cooking Corned Beef In Killian’s Irish Red
• Barrel Aging – Why and how

• Home Brew – Brewing with coffee
• Beer Anatomy – Pumpkin Beers

• Beer of the month – Firestone Walker XV
•Beer Games –Stumps! Smash this with a hammer

News, Rants, Mail, Calendars, colors, party hats and probably a few beers. Everything you need in a magazine.

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