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December 2, 2010

Beer Magazine Issue #17 Cracks open 2011

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

If I remember correctly 2010 and maybe in 2020 would be full of flying cars, robots around our necks that just basically taunted us, we’d be eating food in capsule form, and maybe even in there Armageddon was supposed to happen. We’ll I got no flying cars, the robot isn’t around my neck, I still eat food like we did 400 years ago, and I’ve stocked up more toilet paper than I no what to do with (grandma always said to stock up), so 2011 looks just like 1993 did. But there is something that has traveled from the past, okay so it’s just 30 days before the calendar is old, but the 2011 Jan/Feb issue of Beer Magazine is heading out on trucks (they don’t fly) and in the US Postal Service (they don’t beam the magazine to you and the person delivering is still human.

What’s 2011 look like for Beer Magazine? Pure awesome beer goodness, and what’s inside will hold us over until our cars make that cool Jetson’s noise and fold up into a dated looking briefcase.
1. Home brew chile beers!
2. Interview with Blanco Basura’s Scott Gold
3. Visit Ale House Inn
4. Take a tour of Goose Island
5. 15 Beers Reviewed
6. 10 Reasons to wear lederhosen…or to fear Brad
7. How beer gets in that bottle
8. Great American Beer Festival -Winners and pics
9. 2010 Stella Artois Draught Master coverage…met the winner from the US.
10. Make Hop Sausage
11. Cooks some Onion Abbey Ale Soup…with Duck Fat!
12. Beer of the Month – Anchor Christmas Ale

…and a bunch of other stuff that gives a glimpse of the future!

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