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April 13, 2010

Beer Magazine Issue #14

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Beer Issue 14

It’s here. The international scandal is over, and the result is another amazing issue of the World’s most awesomest, entertainingest, beerest magazine this side of the planet formerly known as Pluto. It’s on bookshelves, bookstores, newsstands and even bums are upgrading their blankets with the latest issue. It’s hard to just read about it here and not have it in your hands. So go buy one. Better yet subscribe and a stranger brings it to your door for you. This way you can drink a beer and wait for it to arrive. It’s almost summer so it’s time to drink more beer. Forget the “exercise for the bathing suit” BS. Drink up, read up, and be happy.

What’s inside this issue? Well normally we don’t kiss and tell, but we’re sluts.
• News
• Strange Tiger Woods analogies
• Letters from you
• An outdated calendar of events
• Questions and answers
• Pictures of our readers
• Kick ass pub fries recipe…it’s got GOAT CHEESE!
• Anatomy of Dark Lagers with some questionable history facts
• Home brew tips and recipes
• 12 Beer Reviews
• 10 Canned Beers
• Cellar your beer–Secrets and tips
• Ski Town Tips –it’s still cold up north
• 13th Anniversary Beers
• Gateway beers
• Beer Games
• Dog Beer
• Tecate Brewery on a train!
• We visit Shipyard Brewing
• Beer Gadgets
• Beer of the month!

Wow that’s too much content for one person to handle! Read with a friend.

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  1. Absolutely 100% biased…BEST issue thusfar. Especially page 50. Sexy!

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