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November 23, 2009

Beer Magazine Issue #13 – It’s here

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Written by: BeerMagDerek


Our issue ran a little bit late, but we’ve gotten our copies in the office and that means it should be filtering out to you, the subscriber or newsstand. The wait will be worth it as we packed more of what you love into this issue. What is that you ask? Just check out the contents page and enjoy. On Face Book and not a “Fan of Beer Magazine?” Do a search and get additional information.

You’re about to stuff your face full of an ugly bird and drink lots of… well everything. It’s the Holiday’s! Now most of us dread driving over to the In Laws to spend any amount of time. You have to dress up, not burp loudly and waste a day watching a parade and not sports. It sucks. But what you can do is snuggle up next to a fire and read the new Beer Magazine Issue #13. It’s out just in time to fake sick and stay home and read about the world’s most delicious beverage and in the world’s most delicious magazine (have you tried eating it). Let’s check out the “stuffing” of this issue.
13 Contents.indd
•6 Ultimate Keg Parties
•Why Beer is better than a woman…or a man.
•Beer and Chocolate Pairings
•Beer Man Laws
•Beer of the Month
•Great American Beer Festival
•Gifts to give the beer geek
•Interview with George Wendt (Norm!)
•Pumpkin Beers
•Green Brewing

I’m tired of typing…get yours today.

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