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January 16, 2014

Beer Magazine #32

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Beer Magazine is cranking out the digital magazine and inside you will find over a 6-pack of editorial. Check out what’s inside this issue

Beer Magazine (J/F 2014)
Top 10 IPAs – Thrillist asked us what we thought…we delivered our favs!
Belgian Family Brewers – Why Belgian beer rules.
Tower Insulation – Glacier Design makes beer pour cold and shows you how.
Beer Books – We review them. Should you actually buy them?
Monk Tastic – Brad, what is wrong with you? You’ll find out.
Great American Beer Festival¬–The list of the best.
Beer Kitchen – Make a flank steak better with Firestone Parabola.
Home Brew – 56 Recipes.
17 Beer Reviews
Beer Games

It’s been a while right? Well we’re cracking out some serious information in this issue and left nothing behind. Our favorite IPA’s, the countries best beer in every category, a bunch of books we might read, one we would skip, a few ducks, and a pinch of humor all make BEER MAGAZINE the best thing to hit the internet since…well, okay maybe just one of the best things. Cat videos rule.

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