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February 27, 2013

Beer Magazine #30 March/April 2013

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Beer Magazine #30
It’s here! The newest edition of the best beer magazine on the planet– Beer Magazine. This issue is packed with everything you need, a few things you don’t and a lot of things you didn’t even know about. Beer Magazine delivers the excitement of beer every issue. Check out what is packed inside this issue.
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New Albion – We drink with the first modern craft brewery you never heard of!
Whiskey in Colorado – Yes, beer and whiskey go together.
Career in beer – Home brewer to brewery?
Beer Diary – Two girls, one beer trip.
Beer Kitchen – Make some fudgy, chewy brownies!
Beer Anatomy – Pepper beers. What?
Beer of the Month – AleSmith, My Blood Valentine
Beer Game – Drink-A-Poolza! The board game with all drinking games inside.

There’s more. Great editorial, Award winning photography (we gave ourselves the award), some mild humor, explicit language, implied nudity, beer drinking, and even a picture of a sweet Lambo. You’ll enjoy every minute you spend reading.

Subscriber copies are in the mail! Newsstand edition goes on sale the 3rd week in March. Digital Edition is available now through our instant download for just $2.99/issue or you can subscribe digitally for just $9.99/year!
Just $2.99! Instant download!
JUST $9.99/YEAR!

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