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August 9, 2012

Beer Magazine #27 Sept/Oct 2012 – You want it!

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

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It’s summer, it’s hot as the surface of the sun, the gain belt is now the dirt belt, and even sunblock with SPF 1000 isn’t helping. That’s where Beer Magazine Issue #27 comes in and helps. You get to read about beer, dream about beer, and best of…all use the magazine as a sun shade. This issue is packed with everything you expect, and a few things you don’t. The Print Edition will be on-sale on more than 6500 newsstands across the country (which means there is a copy near you) and you can now download an issue instantly using our new digital delivery system. The digital edition downloads to be viewed on all PC/Macs and a NASA certified secure link allows you to view on Tablets, Phones, or anything with a web browser!

Here’s what’s inside
Coffee Beer – We team up and build a beer using a local coffee roaster
Odell Brewery – We visit and drink their beer
Monkey Paw Brewery – Yes we visit and drink their beer too
Computers and beer – soon they will make and drink all our beer
Mindy’s Beer Gear – she makes stuff out of beer containers…you want this.
Beer Kitchen – We make solid bread out of liquid bread…then build a sandwich!
Home Brew – Giving your brew as a gift
Beer Game – Pukes and Staggers
Beer of the Month – Sierra Nevada / Russian River make a BFF beer.
Pictures of you, pictures of a money and a 15 beers reviews! Buy it now, subscribe now!

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