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November 16, 2017

Beer Magazine #20 – Instant digital download

We like to tease a bit, and here is the cover and some special details of the next amazing issue of Beer Magazine. What other magazine has this much content, this many pictures, this many words, this many grammatical issues that will make you want to drink more beer? This is the only magazine your English teach won’t like, but who the hell liked their English teacher? This is a magazine about beer, laughing, drinking, belching and an occasional crop dusting.

The good news is we pack all this into Issue #20

* Vida Guerra on the cover…you know her back side, check out this side.
* Beer Floats – Icecream and Beer
* Potato salad recipe
* 15 Beers Reviewed
* Session beers – why you want less ABV
* Beer of the Month
* 12 Parties you need to host before the end of the world
* Evolution of a Beer drinker
* Hang overs – cure and cause
* Hall of Fame – These guys are why beer rules your face off
* and a bunch of other stuff we are keeping secret!

Click to download instantly just $3.99!



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