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August 31, 2009

Beer Magazine #1 AGAIN….for stolen downloads?

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

Well this is sort of a “hell yes we rock” and a “look what the internet does” post. You see we try and find places “Beer Magazine” is mentioned on the web. You know, see where people hate us…where people love us. One thing we noticed was that our magazine kept coming up on all the “file sharing” websites…you know the ones where you can download an entire copy of the magazine without paying (Music, videos..blah, blah).

Well the good news is– None of the other Beer publications are even on those sites so our magazine must be desirable enough for people to post it online. Considering some of the sites we’ve seen have issues being download 2,000 times we’re pretty popular. Thanks for all those who stole it…maybe someday buy a copy and allow us to continue to provide “steal worthy content”….

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