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November 4, 2008

Beer in a Box

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Written by: BeerMagDerek

For years wine in a box has dominated the “liquid in a box” for adults. Sure Capri sun and juices boxes have proven that the idea is fundamentally sound, but it’s never gotten over to the beer crowd. Well Ankerbräu in Noerdlingen, Germany is looking to change that. With their beer in box system you should be able to enjoy delicious beer from overseas that tastes more like it should. Here’s their pitch why you should enjoy a box of beer with your friends.

What is Beer-In-Box ?
The BeerInBox concept is a competitive one way packing concept for draft beer. Before filling into 25 or 20 lit BagInBox packaging from Rapak, the traditional brewed beer is degassed (extraction of CO2) through a special degassing machinery unit from Frings. This packaging concepts allows a highly effective one-way distribution without overhead or waste of transport space. During tapping CO2 is added back into the beer by the Anker-Carbonator. The Anker-Carbonator can be easily integrated into any type of any existing dispense system.

What are the advantages ?
– Efficient and cost effective one way logistics
– Effective usage of transportation and storage capacities (9 hl Beer per euro-pallet)
– No return of empty kegs
– No keg deposit and no risk of losing kegs
– No difference in taste and appeareance compared to normal keg beer
– Vertical series connection of multiple bags
– Simple chemical cleaning
– No over carbonation as it happens with KEG beer
– Shelf life of 8 months before opening
– Shelf life of 3 weeks after connecting the bag (under cooled environment)
– Simple handling through bar staff
– Any type of dispense units or system can be easily and reliable changed over to BeerInBox through the installation of the Anker-Carbonator

Improvements during the last 12 months
– Automatic process controlled, adjustable degassing machine
– Improvement of filling process (oxygen exposure)
– Improvement of Rapak Bag oxygen barrier – shelf life up to 8 months now.
– Better and more stable Cardbox
– Further development of Anker-Carbonator
> Reduction of components size
> Split up into 2 individual units (mixing valve and carbo-tube)
> Improved cleanability
> Simple exchange of single components
> Higher lowrate of up to 5 liters per minute
> Easier integration and setup
> Can be used just with a single pressure regulator
> Reduction of pressure level from 7 to 5 bar
– Integration of Carbonator into Stand-Alone dispensers from Selbach

Through our distribution partners numerous installations were realized – worldwide

Further informations are available at our website: and

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